AI-powered security to detect earlier,
respond faster, and stay ahead of attacks.

Unify, Accelerate, and Simplify Your SecOps

Increase efficiency with one unified AI-powered control plane that scales autonomous protection across the enterprise.


Simplify the

Streamline investigations by intelligently combining common tools, synthesizing threat intelligence and contextual insights into a single conversational user experience.

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Every Analyst

Empower any level of analyst with AI SecOps tools to detect hidden risks, conduct better investigations, and respond faster to secure the entire environment.

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Accelerate Security

Protect at machine speed with hunting quickstarts, auto-summaries, and intelligent response recommendations. Scale collaboration across teams with saved, tagged, and exported investigations. 

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Know That Your
Data is Yours

Your security and privacy are protected by design. Purple employs the highest level of safeguards to protect and ensure you own your data.

Simplify the Complex

  • Translate natural language into complex threat-hunting queries to search and triage.
  • Streamline complex investigations with summarized threat results and AI-powered analyses in natural language.
  • Focus on what’s important with prioritized detections, integrated threat intelligence, suggested queries, and actionable responses.

Empower Every Analyst

  • Guide analysts with instructional hunting prompts, suggested next queries, and recommended response actions to mitigate threats.
  • Save time by using natural language to easily execute complicated systems administration and configuration activities.
  • Simplify reporting with AI-generated summaries of alerts, findings, Storylines™, indicators and events.

Accelerate Security Operations

  • Conduct faster analyses and investigations to reduce MTTD/R with hunting quickstarts.
  • Scale collaboration with saved, tagged, and exported investigations in notebooks with context intact.
  • Mitigate threats with recommended response actions and execute next steps all in the same conversational interface.

Know That Your Data is Yours

  • Purple AI models do not train using your security data or requests.
  • Your processes and insights are not shared with other customers.
  • All prompts and returned completions are not permanently retained.

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Simplify and accelerate your SecOps with a unified AI-powered control plane.

Use natural language to streamline threat investigations, access AI-powered analysis, and get actionable insights.

Protect at machine speed with intelligent hunting quickstarts and guidance, and intelligent response recommendations.

Scale collaboration across teams with saved, tagged, and exported investigation notebooks.

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